The XO Sliding Sleeve is a down-hole flow control installed in the production tubing. It effectively controls the flow between the tubing and the casing annulus by means of an internal sleeve which can be opened and closed.

The XO Sleeve can be installed at any point in the tubing string, and more that one can be installed without any loss of function. The model B’ Shifting Tool is used to shift the XO Sleeve open and closed. Downward jarring opens the sleeve and upward jarring closes it. The sleeve is designed so that normal wireline operations will not open or close the sleeve inadvertently.

The upper sub has a selective X landing nipple profile machined into it to serve as a receptacle for other flow control devices such as blanking plugs and separation tools. The lower sub has a polished seal bore.

Displacing kill or completion fluid.
Allowing multiple zones to produce up one tubing string.
Selective testing of individual zones.
Selective stimulation of individual zones.
Circulation to kill the well.
Gas lifting the well. Landing a blacking plug in the profile in the upper sub to shut in the well, test the tubing, or test the sleeve itself.
Circulating inhibitors or methanol.

Also available in XA version opens up/closes down
Premium thread available
Optional 13 percent chrome available


*We conveniently have a wide inventory as well as specific customer inventory to meet the needs of our clients, to include full redress assembly’s.
*All of our equipment is made-up and tested to specified requirements in house, not reliant on factory direct, to insure proper function and assembly of everything that leaves our facilities.