The Profile Nipple is designed to allow common slickline plugs and equipment to be placed successfully downhole. Landing nipples are utilized in the completion string to allow for the positive location of various subsurface flow control devices such as blanking plugs, bottom hole chokes, downhole recorders, etc. landing nipples come in a wide range of profiles and sizes.

ID profiles specific to customer requirements
“X”, “XN”, “R”, “RN”, & “F” profiles available
Versatility when numerous profiles are required
Premium threads available
Available in Pin x Pin or Box x Pin
Metallurgy options available for sour environments


The Dual Magnum Disk isolates wellbore reservoir pressure utilizing two dome-shaped disks. The Dual Magnum Disk subs run on the bottom of the tubing and/or below a packer BHA to isolate the tubing and act as a barrier. After tests are performed, the Magnum Disks are knocked out allowing the wellbore fluids to then be produced up the production tubing. Available with a Mule Shoe Wireline Re-Entry Guide.

Pressure rating up to 10,000 PSI
Eliminates plug and prong removal runs
Full bore opening to tubing once disk are removed
Temperature rated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Can be run in hostile environments (H2S & CO2)
Reusable, with redressing kit
Pressure tested prior to installation


*We conveniently have a wide inventory as well as specific customer inventory to meet the needs of our clients, to include full redress assembly’s.
*All of our equipment is made-up and tested to specified requirements in house, not reliant on factory direct, to insure proper function and assembly of everything that leaves our facilities.